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Delhi Dance Championship, the nation’s biggest Live Dance Competition, is BACK!! Brought to you by the Molad Group, this event promises to be as spectacular and equally wonderful as last year. So, all those who missed being a part of this mega event last year, have something to rejoice. They can now be a part of this mega event, which is an integral part of the Molad Pictures & Creations Pvt. Ltd. which offers a platform for all the aspirants, who dream of gaining a foothold in the entertainment world. All those who are who don’t want to waste their talent and are passionate about dancing, are welcome to participate. All you have to do is to register on our website and pay a small registration fee. The Delhi Dance Championship will feature the 20 best performers, selected after a number of qualifying rounds. These 20 finalists will then perform in the presence of renowned Bollywood celebrities, on the 23rd December 2017.



It is a delight to see the youth of today giving vent to their passion for dance and finding ways to hone their dancing talent. Delhi Dance Championship has been formulated to provide the stage for such talent to be showcased to the world and also to encourage them. We plan to host this Championship annually and not just in Delhi, but in other parts of the country as well.


It is our endeavor to encourage the talented young people to pursue their passion and get recognition plus also get financially stable. Nothing would please us more than the fact that you have a memorable experience at the Delhi Dance Championship, not just during the event, but long after that too. We dream to reach as many aspiring and dedicated dancers. We truly love what we do and feel previliged to get this opportunity to connect with great talent!